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Summer in Oaxaca

Zapotec Temple Monte Alban

For ten days in July, I visited Oaxaca, a Mexican city famed for its cuisine and world famous artisans. Under the leadership of Glen Rogers, and accompanied by  12 artists from USA and Canada, I spent time in a papermaking studio in the village of Etla and the Rufino Tamaya print studio in Oaxaca city.

Exploring the Zapotec ruins on Monte Alban and the museum containing treasures from the ancient Zapotec tombs, provided me with stimulus for some of my prints, while the joyful Guelaguetza  (gift-giving festival) entertained me with much colorful dancing in the streets along with fireworks displays.The restaurants were full of new delights. I sampled pulchre, a drink made from the agarve plant which was refreshing and somewhat like beer. I really liked the calabeza and hibiscus flowers in the quesadillas and even the crunchy lime and chili flavored grasshoppers.

The nearby artisan villages, famous for their black pottery, fantastical painted animal sculptures and ceramic figures depicting traditional village activities, were exquisite. I missed seeing the textiles, so Rod and I are returning to Oaxaca during December. I have attached a few pics of my time in Oaxaca.

Arte Papel Vista Hermosa, Etla Appetizer of hibiscus flowersChili con Nogale








Guelaguetza Parade

San Bartolo Ceramic Studio Taller Rufino Tamayo print studio My trace monotypes inspired by Monte Alban bas reliefs

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