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Recent Portfolio Presentations

Recent Portfolio Presentations

I am the Secretary of the Monterey Peninsula College Printmakers Club. Our goal is to provide a forum where printmaking ideas can be shared with one another and the larger community.

The Club provides me opportunities to learn new tricks and to share secrets with fellow printmakers. The Club facilitates exhibition opportunities and launches ambitious portfolio projects for its members.

I participated in two projects in 2010 and 2012 as follows:


In 2010 this project required each printmaker to produce an edition varié of monotypes based on food. The monotypes were accompanied with recipes. The original works were then divided into suites and presented in hand-bound portfolios to each participant. My favorite recipe at that time was Pear and Goat Cheese tart. My accompanying monotype was entitled Trois Chèvres which was inspired by a herd of milking goats I came across during a walk in the French countryside.

All art and recipe contributions to the portfolio were then included in a 222 page recipe book entitled Mélange: Come for the Food, Stay for the Art.



Using the word “Kindred”, as a theme, Monterey Peninsula College Printmakers organized a cultural exchange between Monterey, California and Adelaide, Australia. Each printmaker was required to produce an edition of 20 prints representing their interpretation of the Kindred theme. Portfolios were exchanged between Monterey and Adelaide printmakers. Each participant received an original portfolio.

An eBook was produced to mark this achievement which presented the art of each participant together with an explanatory statement of the meaning of Kindred.

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