Hanna-Jones-silver-gelatin-8x10 Bodyscape Maidu-Creation-Myth-Acrylic-16x20 VillageArtiore


Acrylic Paintings

The theme of my acrylic paintings is “Creation Myths”. My paintings are my interpretation of tales of how humans came to be on this planet. Particularly interesting to me is the subject of the relationship between Adam and Eve, the first man and woman depicted in the Hebrew creation story. View


I use hand-made papers and photographs combined with paintings and prints and enjoy playing with the interaction of materials. View


I consider the nude a universal genre and the silver gelatin process a permanent, timeless technique. I often see the body as sculpture and have found that its shapes and patterns form the basis of an endless research into “the self”. Other themes I have explored are the Hebrew creation myth of Adam and Eve and sacred burial sites from around the world.View


I have explored monotypes, drypoint, copper etching photopolymer etching, pastel transfer, collograph, lino etching and chine colle techniques. I enjoy the surprising effect the press has on the original art on the plate. In 2010 completed a large format hand-made accordion book of 7 monotypes depicting the Finnish creation myth entitled “Kalevala”.View

Watercolor Paintings

My watercolors are landscape inspired.View

Hand Made Books

I enjoy making hand-made books because they are one –of –a kind, and offer another way of viewing prints. Small books make perfect journals and cards, both very personal. View


My poems are written in narrative style. They are visual crystallizations of events that have had an indelible effect on me. My book of poems entitled ”Second Skin”contains photographs not included anywhere else. View